Here are some examples of the products we can offer.

Amano make uniquely handcrafted knitwear, clothing and accessories with a soft handle and texture using skilled artisans in South America. Countless hours and years of knitting experience go into every Amano piece. There is thought and integrity in the process of creating these precious and distinctive Amano garments. These Amano items are limited editions and take days to make which make them truly individual and special in times where mass production is prolific.

Adini was founded in the UK in 1978, and was one of the first fashion companies to incorporate creative foreign designs, themes and manufacturing techniques into its collections. The name “Adini” which is an anagram of the word India, and a variation of the Sanscrit word meaning “The Original” was chosen to reflect the pioneering instincts which continue to be a major influence for Adini today. The Adini collections are British-designed and embrace ethnic diversity, these Adini collections encompass both elegance and sophistication, with a casualness that can be appreciated day-to-day.

The skill and craftsmanship which underpin Dents' worldwide reputation is still very much in evidence, and today the company still exercises that care and attention to detail which has been its hallmark since 1777. Although primarily famous for the crafting of fine leather gloves, Dents has always been involved with the design and manufacture of fine accessories. Today the Dents Collection includes gloves, belts, handbags, hats, scarves, serapes and small leather goods for men and women.

Quality clothing from Poppy. Casual and stylish is what Poppy stands for. They have a modern range of separates and beautiful knitwear. Poppy are also popular for their standard range which includes the Poppy polo neck jumper. Also included in this range is the Poppy round neck and Poppy v neck long sleeve t-shirts. These come in an amazing range of colours. Poppy also offer a stunning range of summer wear to include t-shirts. Anyone who has ever bought Poppy will buy again the quality and wearability speaks for itself.

Designed by Heather Benhrima, the Kasbah brand is elegant, stylish and individual. With specially selected fabrics from around the world, Kasbah's attention to detail and handfinishing produces a garment of exceptional quality which is also comfortable to wear.

Nomads create clothes with you in mind. Nomads think of clothing as a form of self expression ~ covering a range of different tastes ~ from hippy chic to gothic and beautiful partywear. Nomads garments can be worn separately for daywear ~ or full on for evening fun. Nomads has everything from brightly printed tops to long velvet dresses. The detail in traditional dying and embroidery gives Nomads clothes a handmade feel that’s only found in Indian made fashion.

Pachamama was founded in 1990, to trade in handmade goods, as far as possible using natural materials and utilizing the artisan skills of native people. Pachamama means 'Earth Mother' in Quechua the language of the Incas, and is a god for the Andean people even today. Respect for the Earth and people who make their living from it is a guiding principle for Pachamama. Many of the Ecuadorian and Nepalese people whose hand made goods we sell are smallholders who supplement their income from farming by knitting.
Pachamama is committed to supplying year round orders for these knitters to ensure a regular and reliable income. Pachamama also work with family run businesses to produce the hand finishing of garments.

Radish Clothing designs and manufactures superior quality Ladies and Children's fleece clothing and sweatshirts. All inspired by the fauna and flora of the British countryside, and what's more, everything is sourced and made in Great Britain, so you can be sure that you are doing your bit to support the British Textile Trade.

The ranges use a variety of appliqué, embroidery and patterned fleece fabrics, combining extreme comfort and timeless style.

The themes range from fuchsias, foxes and fairies to poppies, puffins and ponies!
All garments are machine washable so you will find them really easy to care for. Garments are made from cotton, polyester and acrylic mixes to ensure that the shape stays just perfect.

We are stockists of Children's novelty 'noisy' sweatshirts and fleeces from Amundsen. Many lovely colourful designs, all make a super range noises when the "button" patch is pressed, great for younger children. The fleeces are tunic style and are made in England from polyester fleece which combines warmth and softness yet is extremely light. Its ‘built in’ insulation guarantees comfort, whilst body heat is maintained, and it can breath. Warm and comfortable; it is soft to the skin and is easy care being fully machine washable, with short drying times. The Sweatshirts are made in England from a hardwearing cotton mix, and fleecy backed for comfort and naturally machine washable. Look out for all the other press and play sound effect designs from Amundsen on our website.

British Country Collection
The British Country Collection includes both childrens wear and ladies wear featuring Sweatshirts and Gilets with Dogs, Cats, Ponies, Sheep, tractors and diggers with hat and scarf sets to match. British Country Collection is a company that prides itself on offering quality country wear. Beautiful country wear with warmth and comfort in mind.

If there is any more information you need on any of our offerings please don't hesitate to contact us - we will do our best to help.